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{} 12.31.2020 – west, mi family photographer

Hello again! Well, that was certainly a year, wasn’t it? But it wasn’t all bad! Even with all the social distancing and other craziness going on, it felt great to still find those moments full of life, love, and happiness. Shooting this session on the last day of the year made for an amazing memory and really sweet ending to 2020.

So, the last time we had a session with this amazing family, it was 2018 – and that’s clearly way too long! Since then, they’ve added two little ones that are just as sweet and adorable as their first two. I’m so sad and bummed I missed the birth of their final child because of COVID-19, but am looking forward to a sweet session dedicated just to this little one in the future!

Here’s to a better new year and oh my gosh just look at this family and tell me these aren’t the cutest little babies you have ever seen!!