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{kaitlyn&brian} married! – 6.20.15 – grand rapids wedding photographer

It’s Thursday! You know what that means? I get to show you the preview of Kaitlyn and Brian’s wedding! And I’m WAY excited for this fact.

So among all the other fun shoots I had these past few weeks back in G.R., we of course were back for a wedding as well! Do you remember Kaitlyn and Brian from their engagement shoot last October? I remember trying to catch the fall leaves only to find out that all of them had practically dropped by the time our shoot had happened. This time I was hoping that the projected rain all week would blow away and not happen – and thankfully it did! We had a few overcast moments – and it was hot and kinda humid – BUT! When the time for portraits had arrived the sky broke open and presented that gorgeous Michigan summer sun. We began their day at their home church in Grand Rapids, and followed the party to their reception in Fallasburg Park in Lowell. Surprisingly we hit no other wedding parties are the historic covered bridge for portraits – which made me an extremely happy photographer! These photos do little justice to how much fun this day was and how sweet and fantastic this couple and their families are.

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{family.bliss} 9.24.11

Hello all!

Yay for blogging again! I took a small hiatus from blogging because I was getting some crazy wedding editing done! I really can’t wait to get all the October blogs out soon… My next one is October first – finally another wedding blog again! But today a rare occurrence  in my blogging, a family session!

I met Lacey and her family because of this amazing silent auction where I donated a small session to a charity event sponsored by MomsBloom. They had bid on a couple of sessions, and really wanted mine as well so a family member had bid on it for her! They actually are having another event this coming March and I encourage you to go and donate to this amazing organization! I actually did a lot of bidding too on a couple of silent auctions and got lots of wonderful things! But anyway… less talking from me, more pictures!

We all met up at Fallasburg Park (which you’ll see in my next wedding post too!) on an amazing September Saturday afternoon. It was a touch chilly but the sun was out! We were also able to fit in some photos with the family dog… haha, which you can see in some she wasn’t cooperating 100% of the time – but we got some good ones!

So in the next photo… What do you get when you mix two little boys… with water? A very sad and wet child that accidentally slipped in the stream!

It’s a good thing mom had brought a blanket to sit on that doubled as a towel! They had to take a quick trip home to get him a new shirt which they amazingly had another one that matched quite well still. :D

And back for some more! I actually had shot another wedding a few years ago (oh my goodness! I’ve been doing this for so long now!) underneath these trees.

The ever patient puppy dog :D

So then we headed up towards the historic covered bridge for some adorable pictures on the rocks. Super cute!

Big brother tummy blows and tickling! Again, super cute!

And as we finished up, just a few more of them walking away… Love it!

Thank you so much you guys! It was a super fun, amazingly beautiful session. Feel free to comment or click on any photos to make them slightly larger!

It feels great to blog other sessions than weddings. But that being said I’m super pumped about blogging my next wedding within the next few days! Oh, and then probably what’s a million engagement sessions – again all super pretty in their own ways too! Thanks and enjoy your snowy February afternoon!