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{more.fall!} 10.16.12

A last minute planned engagement session tonight! Thankfully the beautiful sun kept shining and I FINALLY got a shoot in that didn’t have the threat of rain! I had such a good time shooting these two – and exploring my first time around Gun Lake!




Always love an engagement session that has peekaboo at the end :) Now October. More days like this please!

{perfect.posing} 7.22.12

My new term for couples that rock their engagement session – Posing.Rockstars. These two blew it out of the park in terms of being suuuuuper adorable and suuuuuper fun to work with! Also, I’m sure the slight lateness of this sneak is driving her a little nuts, so I’m giving her a few extras to look at :)


Yay! So much fun. It was great to spend more time in Kalamazoo today as well!

{beautiful.light} 7.1.12

Today I got to do my most favorite thing in the world, play with the light and sun during an engagement session. If you’re ever scheduling an engagement session with me please please PLEASE consider something later in the day so we can capture this type of sun! This beautiful couple made it even easier to play with the sun by being super adorable and very fun to work with too! Enjoy the sneak!



Now back to my insane amounts of editing! :)

{good.timing} 6.25.12

Fit a last minute engagement session in this week (hence the title!) on one of the most perfect days to shoot ever. Mid 70’s, bright beautiful sun, and a fabulous totally in love couple. It was great shooting with you two! I hope for good travel’s home for you!


p.s. reflections are AWESOME. :D


More weddings to come later this week! It’s turning out to be such a great summer already.

{arboretums.galore} 4.29.12

Who says that rain makes for an unfun engagement session? Not me! Also, two days in a row shooting in an arboretum of some sort – I’m beginning to really like them!

Ahhhh so much fun! I.Love.My.Job. That is all. Good night!

{} 4.13.12

Had a fabulous engagement session earlier this evening… couldn’t choose just one for the sneak!


{jessica&ryan} engaged! – 10.16.11

Picking away at my massive blog to do list this month! I’m almost done with October actually… what… four more to go? Woo!


While setting up their engagement session, Jessica wondered if it was okay if we shot up on her families land out in Howard City. Of course I was super excited to! I love MI so much, and this land emulated it so perfectly. It seemed to go on forever with beautiful trees, some clearings, and some other great ‘props’ to use. Jessica and Ryan were up for anything on this beautiful evening – so sit back, enjoy, feel free to say ‘aww’ and enjoy the love these two emulate so perfectly!

We started out on a part of the path that had this really awesome antique car (oooobviously no longer working, if I remember right there had been attempts to fix it when it was first discovered) I basically fell in love with it and really wanted to pretty much take it home. Haha… A woman can dream about owning her own prop car!

So after the fabulous car shots we headed down a very (scary!) hill to the small red dilapidated cabin of course which I also loved. Looking back at these I keep remembering how much I love shooting in the woods. So quiet, serene, and romantic :D

I do love me some greeat sunflair!

So after our first round of outfits, they changed their clothes and we took some great shots around the river!

And who doesn’t love a tree house with a SPIRAL. STAIRCASE. Yea, I know… amazing right!?

It was so much fun you two! I really can’t wait for the wedding – I know it will be even more beautiful and fiery than your engagement session even was! See you this summer!




{marcy&jose} engaged! – 10.10.11

It’s such a beautiful evening tonight (wish I was shooting an engagement session right now actually!) but it is time for another blog post! Halfway through October!


Marcy and Jose are a photographers dream couple. They laughed so adorable at all the right times, followed all my direction well, and was able to inspire me for some fantastic shots! We met up at Holland, MI Centennial Park (which I’ve shot a wedding or two at now as well!) after much scheduling and rescheduling. I was thrilled that the weather cooperated as sometimes it’s sooo touchy in the fall!

It was that perfect time where the leaves finally were falling, blanketing the ground with their yellows and reds, but there was still a bunch in the trees themselves so each frame was just full of color!

See what I mean about adorable? Yea.  AH-dorable.

She changed in to her adorable boots for some shots on the park bench. Oh, and how did I forget to mention her other adorable heels from earlier? It’s a good thing I don’t wear heels… because I think If I did, I would have a major shoe problem!

The black and whites looked soo pretty for this session. Their love and their romance totally translated well into my editing style!

So after Centennial Park downtown Holland, We drove on over to Holland State Park on the beach to get some fun shots with the lake and the beautiful dune grass and sand!

I love pretty shore line photos! Especially with an exquisite golden sunset… Did I mention that I totally love color? I don’t think I’ve said it enough yet! Remember for all my future couples – Schedule your shoot one or two hours before the sun sets (or when it’s about to rise), and we’ll get some fantastic pictures!

Running after the gulls, of course!


Marcy and Jose – It was such a pleasure shooting your engagement session! You two were so much fun then, and for your wedding! (which you all will be seeing on the blog in a few weeks!)


Want to see the picture with a little more detail, or just on it’s own – just click on it! Also – feel free to comment as always!

{erica&todd} engaged! – 10.9.11

Hello again on this bright and warm evening! I think this weather has been a surprise and a blessing for us all in these past few days :D Although… I DO enjoy more colder spring weather too… It’s nice to get a little taste of summer first! I just can’t wait to see green leaves on those trees again.


And speaking of leaves, I have another fall session to share with you today. The leaves were bright and beautiful for a long time this fall (thankfully they lasted all the way up to my last engagement session in November, but that’s a blog post for later!) and I’m so glad that I was able to capture the spirit of fall for these two!


Erica actually was a bridesmaid in a wedding I had shot, oh my goodness… two Octobers ago! She was in a wedding party that was fantastic to work with, so I was super excited to shoot Erica and Todd’s engagement session because she knew my style and how crazy I shot already! We decided to meet up at the dam in Downtown Rockford because it had some great features to work with :D. It was warm, it was beautiful… and although I may have had a small camera accident – it ended up being super fun!

Thankfully they were willing to try out a lot of fun different looks :D

So we crossed the bridge over the river to get where we saw some people fishing, and I was also able to capture some BEAUTIFUL light! (can you tell by now how much I love a low, setting sun? Lens flair!)

Oh, and of course more leaf fun!

We hopped back then across the street to get some of that beautiful dam in the background, and of course some photos on the path surrounding it! I also, apparently couldn’t help myself on tons of detail shots :D I mean… it was such a beautiful day… have I mentioned that yet? :P

So as they were changing into their last outfits, I found this crazy beautiful plant (does anyone know what it is?) And I will definitely admit these are my most favorite of the day. Hands down. I just wish it had been in a more open setting so I could have used it more! It’s super hard to believe that if I just had moved slightly you would have seen people, or buildings. It’s great to find a spot like this in an urban setting!

So as we waited for the sun to set down a little further, we all decided it was a really good time for ice cream… I mean, when is it NOT a good time for ice cream?

Oh, and that it was a fun time for some stone skipping!


It was so much fun you two! I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this summer – which by the looks of it, is going to be a warm one!


Feel free to comment or click on any image to see just the image in detail by itself!




{alyssa&ben} married! – 10.8.11

Why, hello again!

So, plugging away still at October posts… and loving every second! It’s so much fun to relive all of these past experiences of weddings and other shoots that I had this past year.  And I really can’t believe that it’s March already… where did the year go?

Anyway! Alyssa and Ben were actually one of my oldest bookings! I think they booked me almost… 1.5ish, maybe a little closer to 2 years out? I went through all my older posts the other day and It was amazing to see how much I’ve grown in my shooting and editing! We shot their engagement session about one year out from their date and the weather was SO incredibly different for their wedding… but it was for the better! I was super excited to pull up to their church to see all the beautiful leaves in a bright beautiful warm sun! They both got ready at their ceremony location at Grand Rapids First in Wyoming, MI.

Little guy learning how to shave on the morning of his uncles wedding… how cute! Paul did a fantastic job (as usual!) at this wedding! And no worries… No blades in his razor ;P

So as I mentioned before, they had their ceremony at one of Grand Rapids First chapels. I loved the fall details Alyssa incorporated with the colors of the orange umbrellas and flowers.

Alyssa actually tried sneaking in a kiss with Ben as they walked up to the alter together… sneaky sneaky! She was promptly told she would have to wait :)

Married! Also… hilarious shot below… what a little stinker :P

So after the ceremony we drove over to Spring Grove park for a few fun and BEAUTIFUL formals!

So after some fun times with wedding party portraits, we headed on to their reception at the Knights of Columbus in Wyoming for some fun times!

And of course… They love hockey – their Mistress of ceremony’s was able to get Griff from the Griffens to make an appearance! How fun is that!

That was a lot of pictures! I hope you all enjoy them – Alyssa and Ben – It was so much fun shooting your wedding last October, wishing you many years of happiness!

Feel free to comment or pin to Pinterest as you please!

{tiffany&paul} married! – 10.1.11

First post on the newly redesigned blog! I’m super excited to post this one, as I just went through all of these photos again to pick the best of the best… and it was super sssuuuuuper hard. Everything was so good and pretty and awesome! But anyway, I ramble on :D



So do you remember Tiff and Paul’s engagement session? We caught nature at it’s finest around Lowell, MI… and at their fall wedding we got the exact same magical weather that’s perfect for shooting again! October was FANTASTIC this year for leaves (as you’ll see in my next 10-ish posts) and Tiff had asked me to capture the spirit of the day. Well, It was no problem at all! So we met up at Salon 206 right on main street downtown Lowell. It was just Tiff and her sister, but they had a few fun visitors throughout the morning! And also a very sweet delivery of flowers from Paul. Ahhh cute!

So after a little lunch, we headed on down to Lowell First United Methodist Church to finish up getting ready!


So to save some time later in the day, Paul and Tiff opted for one of my most FAVORITE parts of the day. The first look! You can just tell in their eyes how much they love and are dedicated to each other. First look down the aisle is good, but private first look with eachother – aaaaah so sweet!

So after their special moment together, we vanned up and drove off to Fallasburg for some fun wedding party portraits! A few weeks later from my last family session (see below) and the leaves had just exploded into more color! It was a bit chilly, and very windy, but oh that weather was soooo amazing!

Haha, problems with working under a popular bridge include – drivers, and many other photographers wanting to also use that space! Ahh!

She did such a good job holding the flowers when needed :D


When we were finished with formals it was time to get married! Can I tell you enough how pretty October 1st was? I can’t stress it enough it seems :D



So anyway, I decided that my second shooter (my Paul, not the groom!) should take his first turn shooting a limo drive. I think he did a fantastic job! I can’t wait to send him on more adventures… He’s getting so good. :D

So you could probably tell from the previous few photos, they had their reception in the Wave Room in Celebration Cinema. Surprisingly this was the first time I had ever been there. Let’s just say the best part, was the endless popcorn. Okay, the best part was honestly everything… but that popcorn was so tasty!

There was so much fun and crazy dancing… I got some killer shots from their D.J.’s lighting! (Oh, and did I mention that there was a small rap battle? Yea… awesome!)


So there you have it! Tiffany and Paul – It was SO much fun! Thank you so much for inviting us to shoot your wedding :D


Also… I think I’ve said this a million times already… But I’ve made it to October! I’ve made it to October! I’m SO SO SO SO SO excited to be bringing you my October shoots! So keep a lookout in the coming weeks for some really fun, romantic, amazing images. Woo!



{shannon&derek} engaged! – 9.11.11

Blogging all these summery posts are making me long for the longer days and warmer weather. Of course, today really was super pretty with all that sun and warm weather! Okay… 40’s isn’t really all THAT warm… but still! For January? Insane!


However, it’s now time to talk about Shannon and Derek! Even though I had already shot a wedding that weekend, I was totally ready to go into engagement session mode the next day. I was so excited because the sun was out, the weather was mild (not too hot, but warm enough!) and just plain a WONDERFUL day to shoot. Shannon and Derek were both super lively and ready to go – which is always such a good sign for a shoot because I know that we’re going to get good stuff when people are ready right off the bat. So after a coffee or two at biggby, we set straight away!

Yay, I’m always a sucker for lovely romantic black and whites! These two were on fire with romance!

There was a little bit of art prize out and about by that time… but not too much. At least we caught one piece! :D

After some of the park and fun underpass – we made our way to one of my favorite photographer hotspots in G.R. – the blue wall! So very pretty, and so very fun!

(p.s. Paul got that photo of the butterfly… I automatically got really jealous after I saw it later when sorting through pictures!)

I was so very very VERY excited to see this reflection in that toll booth… I think I made them try everything in the book because I loved the colors SO much!

And what’s a downtown shoot without visiting the tire swing!

We all had so much fun, we ended spending almost nearly another hour with them after the shoot ended! It was such an enjoyable experience Shannon and Derek – We can’t WAIT to shoot your wedding this year!



Feel free to comment or click on any image to make it larger for a little more detail!



{ashley&josh} married! – 8.20.11

Almost done with blogging my August weddings! Oh, and it’s a late post – so you all get to probably wake up to it! Yay!


Anyway, as you can tell already… my August was busy! With a trip to Washington state, and about 5 weddings in the matter of 2 weeks I was almost overwhelmed! Every wedding however was so incredibly fun, and I’m so happy that I got to attend and photograph every single one, and Ashley and Josh’s wedding was no different! You may remember these two from their (very cold!) engagement session last February. It was so so very cold, and I specifically remember talking about how excited we were that their wedding was in the warm weathered summer!

So we started off in Salon 309 in Ionia, MI. This salon was so so soooo incredibly pretty! I pretty much loved catching every detail because I just couldn’t stop. Annnnd you can definitely see why.

(another gif, of course :D) Anyway, it was hot. REALLY hot. And the church was old, so there were fans going eeeeverywhere. Also – the humidity was relentless. I’m so happy I was able to catch some awesome fan movement in that dress! I also was happy to catch some great natural light in the church, as it was raining outside! Just a drizzle at these few moments of the day. The big rain came later :P

I wish I could show you all of their formals with their party. Seriously! So much fun. It was super crazy trying to work around all the sporadic rain. I think that we got some really awesome shots though. So I’m super happy!

A blue wall next to your church when your colors are blue and green? Perfection!

After the ceremony we all hopped on the limo bus and got some fun portraits at the family farm! If my memory serves me correct – her grandfather built that barn in the background. And who doesn’t love a matching tractor to boot!

So right before the ceremony, it was POURING and there was a huge thunderstorm outside! It was insane how fast the storm rolled in, and how quickly it passed. It was actually kind of a cool experience being at a wedding in the middle of a thunderstorm. I just wish I had more of a chance to shoot outside! Sigh at the rain :P at least I got this awesome picture of the church. Sometimes a picture just WORKS in black and white. Love it!

Instead of a unity candle or sand, they both put some soil in a ‘unity’ type of tree. I thought the idea was so beautiful!

And who doesn’t love traveling to their reception location in a limo bus? So much fun!

Reception time! Paul caught some incredible details. I think my favorite photo, and my favorite detail haha, were the cupcakes. Yum! Also, fun idea, there were facts about Ashley and Josh at every table. This girl thought of everything!

Ahhhh I LOVE these ring pictures I got… It wasn’t fun fighting the wind trying to muss up the shot – but I got at least one!

First dance with bubbles? Sign me up! Adorbs!

Also, about halfway through the night they rolled out a hotdog cart. Yep. Best. Thing. Ever. Just before that too they also hired me for a small photo booth outside on the patio of their reception location. I choose a few favorites of mine to show you – but there were so many good ones! They found some really good props, and totally had a sweet blue background that was hand made. Wish I had thought of this for my own wedding. :D

Ahhh that was a long one again! So many fantastic details! If you are wondering how they put some of their details together – You can check out Ashley’s blog! She documented it all, and I’m seriously impressed. I really (haha, again) wish I had done that! You two were so much fun, and it was definitely great to see you pull it all together so beautifully!


Don’t forget to comment if you want! Also, feel free to click on any image to see some more deets. :D Time for bed now!

{karen&scott} married! – 8.13.11

Two posts, one day!


My life has been thrown a little out of sync these past few weeks, so I apologize for promising a post – then never giving! Oh, and I know this is late, but Merry Christmas! Anyway, I really can’t wait to show you this post, and I’m not going to lie… it was EXTREMELY hard to choose pictures to show you. Karen and Scott really were great at knowing my vision and style!


So, you may remember these two from their engagement session last February. If I remember right – it was so cold, and we were wishing for an awesome warm summery day for their wedding! If you don’t remember my last post of Kelly and Trent, these two had booked me for the same day (another disclaimer if you didn’t catch it – I don’t book double days unless both parties are okay with it!) It had been thunder-storming all morning and finally as we left our first wedding the sun was peeking its rays out and I was so ecstatic. Finally I was going to get some beautiful natural light to shoot in! Unfortunatly the weather had other plans… but you’ll see how awesome it was in a few photos down the line :D

Ominous sky already above – but just wait! It gets WAY way WAAY better. Oh, and below – I’ve recently been experimenting with GIF images, and I realized while putting together this post that this series was absolutely perfect to do one with. So enjoy my first wedding GIF image!

Anyway – I literally caught the storm rolling in. I know it’s not a usual photo of a church for a wedding, but boy… Favorite church picture of the year. It makes me almost scared just looking at it! But yea, after we saw that so quickly coming in we retired to the inside of the church to get some formals!

Deets! Oh I love wedding details.

Time for the ceremony to begin! I loved their church so much because of the large windows that let in such pretty natural light. The clouds had gone away just before the ceremony which made, well everyone, extremely happy. :D

Side window in the sanctuary for the win! (above) Hidden from every guests view, catch incredible facial expressions on the happy couple!


Oh, and did I mention yet they drove away in an orange vette? Oh yea. It was awesome.

So while guests were arriving at their reception location, we broke off to take a few more relaxed portraits in Holland. The sun was out, the temperature perfect, the mood set. I love to get some time alone with a couple on their wedding day to capture their love and the spirit of their day!

So. Incredibly. Pretty. Now you can see why I was having such a hard time choosing!

So, after some incredible times outdoors – it was totally time to get some detailed shots of the reception. I. Love. This. Hall. It was so incredible and open! Sometimes with reception halls they can feel a little congested with tables and people – but there was so much room to breath. Like I said, awesome!

And another fun shoe game!

And another sweet treat table. Yum. Yum. Oh, and YUM!

And who can forget the cake and the first dance? :D

We ended the evening tired and happy we didn’t get super exhausted from two weddings in one day! It was interesting to see how different the two styles of weddings were for one day, and it was really kind of fun playing with the different kinds of weather.


Karen and Scott – We’re wishing you two the best in your marriage! It was an honor photographing it for you.


Oh, and everyone – feel free to comment and click on any photo you’d like to see a little more detail on. :D Have a fantastic evening!

{we.need.snow!} 12.27.11

So, two posts for tonight – one sneak peek, and one full wedding post! (to come much later than this :P) But anyway!


I had the honor of shooting my cousin’s engagement session tonight – it wasn’t as sunny out as it was yesterday, but at least there was… sooome… kind of snow. Right? :D I may have sat in a bunch of it to get this shot – WORRRTH it!


I mean, come on how stinking cute is that? >^^<