{maureen&matt} married! – 6.11.16 – grand rapids wedding photographer

More more more! Time for more photos! Weddings are always special, but the feel even more special when you shoot them on your anniversary. And that’s exactly what we did last weekend :D (happy seven years Paul – and happy beginnings of forever to you Maureen and Matt!)


Maureen and Matt are spectacular people – remember them from their incredible engagement session a few months ago? Uh yeah, so adorable! We were expecting rain almost all day last Saturday, but the skies blessed us with sun with not a cloud in sight. This however meant it was a touch warmer than anyone was expecting for June, but everyone powered through it with a mixture of catching a good wind, finding shade, and ice cold water. Maureen looked stunning in her lace dress, and Matt had an air of unparalleled merriment throughout the whole day. They were married in the woods near the Centennial Barn in Wayland, MI and partied into the night in the gorgeous red barn. Also, another couple with a pie cutting instead of a cake? Yes please! Mmmm pie!

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