{chelsea&benjamin} engaged! – 4.17.15 – grand rapids engagement photographer

Last post for the week!! I cannot stop thinking about how much these past few shoots were and I’m so excited to post these last set of sneak images for the week. Chelsea and Ben (oh and Rudy their ((if I remember right)) 10+ yr old pup!) were SO much fun to walk around and photograph. Rudy was seriously one of the best dogs I’ve ever gotten the pleasure to photograph, as he was such a good sitter and * usually * looked at the camera without any help! It almost felt like it was a Rudy shoot for the first half until we all realized …. oh right we’re not doing this for you little dog! Chelsea and Ben were just fantastic and just so relaxed it made the session feel like it was over so quickly (in reality I think we talked so much it extended to almost three hours… whoops!). We started out at the blue pedestrian bridge (their ceremony space this July – Uhhhhh AMAZING) and we walked almost all the way back around and ended in the space below 131 with some dreamy golden hour light. I am so excited to shoot their wedding this July and you’ll soon see why in these images! (also, be on the lookout for them in GIF form doing the wave… because it’s going to be totally awesome)


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2 responses

  1. mrsambersmith

    I feel like 1025 is just begging to be a Save the Date! Great pics Jen!

    April.24.2016 at 1:39 pm

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