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{laura.derek.alice&haddie} family mini session – 4.14.16 – grand rapids family photographer

What a trip! So many people in 4 days makes for a trip without even stopping to check my phone every five minutes like I usually do. It was actually quite refreshing! And of course, we had lots of shooting. Lots and LOTS of shooting. So let’s go on our journey one day at a time and start with this sweet little family! We’ve watched little Alice grow up, and now it’s Haddies turn!

The weather was perfect the Thursday night so after a few indoor shots (with a mini toddler meltdown or two, haha) we went outside for a few family shots in front of their gorgeous home. There were more attempts for some fun family shots at a local family park, but little miss Alice clearly was having much more fun on all that fun play equipment – what a little stinker! Haddie of course was all smiles and pretty much the cutest baby that could ever be ever. Gaaah so much fun!

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