{pam.maria&levi} family mini session – 3.31.16 – new york family photographer

I had a fantastic evening yesterday hanging out with this amazing little family and their pup Daisy! We started our mini shoot at Isham Park in my (and their!) lovely neighborhood Inwood. I got to meet little 18 month Levi and his rockin’ curly blond hair! So cute! He was an instant little ham for the camera :D. We moved up the steep hill for some shots with some new beautiful spring blooms, and sent Daisy on home so we could capture some more fun without too much distraction :D <3 Finally we ended on the steps down to Broadway and a beautiful setting sun! Please enjoy!

minisession-1002 minisession-1003 minisession-1007 minisession-1010 minisession-1013 minisession-1014 minisession-1015 minisession-1016 minisession-1017 minisession-1021 minisession-1024 minisession-1028 minisession-1030 minisession-1032 minisession-1033 minisession-1035 minisession-1036 minisession-1039 minisession-1040 minisession-1044 minisession-1046 minisession-1048 minisession-1049 minisession-1051 minisession-1053 minisession-1058 minisession-1061 minisession-1065 minisession-1066 minisession-1071 minisession-1074 minisession-1078 minisession-1080 minisession-1081 minisession-1082 minisession-1084 minisession-1085 minisession-1086 minisession-1087 minisession-1088 minisession-1089 minisession-1090 minisession-1091 minisession-1095 minisession-1099 minisession-1100


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