{emma&scott} engaged! – 11.1.15 – west michigan engagement photographer

Hello again for the third time this week! Oooooie and it’s another good post today!  (okay who am I kidding, all of my couples, families, portraits are awesome people!)

I always love traveling back to my home state of Michigan. And I love seeing the lake even more! But my most favorite part is seeing family of course. And this session is of my cousin Emma and her fiancé Scott. Emma suggested we do something by the lake, most importantly in and around Scott’s boat. Of COURSE I said yes!! AHHH my first shoot on a boat. It was incredible! It was so windy, and the waves were huge out on lake Michigan so we stuck with the smaller lake instead. They are so cute together and you can tell that they are so in love. Scott will make a great addition to our side of the family, and Emma will make a great addition to his! It’s always an honor to shoot for a family member, see you two in January!!

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