{alicia&harrison} married! – 10.31.15 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Hey there everyone! It’s a lovely day outside in NYC, for realzies… it’s like 70’s, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. All of this is great, except I’m a little weirded out because it’s November 3!

This past weekend on Halloween (happy halloween late!) was slightly different than that. Mid fifties, raining, and not a stitch of blue sky in sight. The weather however didn’t stop these two from having one of the best weddings ever! If you’ve been following my blog posts this summer, you probably remember Alicia and Harrison from their June engagement session. We started getting ready, and had their first look, in the cutest little house ever that was rented for the week in the NW side of G.R. We then moved from there to the ever beautiful (and most importantly covered space!) GRAM to take some outside portraits with their delightful wedding party. And we finally moved down to the Grand Rapids Downtown Market, for a gorgeous ceremony in the greenhouse. And the reception was right across the hall, in the banquet hall! Love a wedding that has instant travel :P

Even though it was raining all day, this couple made me forget about the weather practically all day! They’re wedding photographers themselves, and it was lovely to get a little more inspiration for shots – including with amazing halloween masks. They had the perfect touch of fall and the holiday, including fall leaves, mini pumpkins, a card box with a hand (scary! I jumped when I looked in and I even knew what was going to be in there!) and they handed out masks at the beginning of their free dance to ‘Thriller.’ We had so much fun!

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