{harriet.wren} newborn! – 10.30.15 – grand rapids newborn photographer

Wow, wait… it’s November? I’m so glad this little babe waited until I had a wonderful wedding this past weekend so I’d be in town perfectly in time to capture her first images before she left the hospital <3

So! You may recognize this family from a ton of our past work, engagement session, wedding, first little one (not so little anymore baby Alice!) and various other small shoots, like Laura’s awesome Etsy business Lilac’s and Lace. So it was  a pure honor to be able to be called up for little baby Haddie’s portraits! (annnnd I can assure you there will probably be many MANY more, yay!!) And even when she was fussy, Alice and Haddie of course, it was still hard to not just smile so big and just see how cute they both are. Oh man, here are pictures now!

HWDlogoedit-1001 HWDlogoedit-1002 HWDlogoedit-1003 HWDlogoedit-1004 HWDlogoedit-1005 HWDlogoedit-1006 HWDlogoedit-1007 HWDlogoedit-1008 HWDlogoedit-1009 HWDlogoedit-1010 HWDlogoedit-1011 HWDlogoedit-1012 HWDlogoedit-1013 HWDlogoedit-1014 HWDlogoedit-1015 HWDlogoedit-1016 HWDlogoedit-1017 HWDlogoedit-1018 HWDlogoedit-1019 HWDlogoedit-1020 HWDlogoedit-1021 HWDlogoedit-1022 HWDlogoedit-1023 HWDlogoedit-1024 HWDlogoedit-1025 HWDlogoedit-1026 HWDlogoedit-1027 HWDlogoedit-1028


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