{rebecca&matt} engaged! – 7.28.15 – new york engagement photographer

Hello all! It’s been WAY too long for me since I’ve gotten to do a same day sneak blog post. Seriously they are my favorite part of this job and it makes me sad every time I have a G.R. shoot that I can’t do it anymore. But alas! I get to occasionally do one out here :D


Becca and Matt are such a lovely couple, local to the NYC area in Jersey City. It’s the first time I’ve taken a train to a shoot, and I’m sure it wont be my last but it was so much fun. Paul and I slowly got to know them and the area better slowly as we shot their engagement session with the city skyline in the background as the sun went down tonight and it just was all so incredibly pretty. It was super awesome, they are super awesome, and their super awesome wedding is in almost no time! You’ll be seeing their lovely faces again on the blog in a couple of weeks and I’m pretty darn excited. Also, I got a little excited with the camera on the way home… so some bonus city photos!

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