{rodriguez.family} 7.18.15 – holland family photographer

Another day another post! I do love having a post per day, but I really miss posting these sneaks same day – and Marcy totally misses it too! Haha – Finally am getting you and your beautiful family up today!


This family has graced my blog since late 2011! Well, they weren’t a family quite yet back then but they were about to get married and start one! Now 4 years later they are extending their crew of 3 to 4! I can’t wait to meet their little one this Christmas, just like I was so excited to meet little Jose Jr. the December he was born :D I only hope I’m back in time to capture the fresh 48 session :D We did have a little normal toddler melt down but you know what? It was the CUTEST thing when I started saying “Hey you!!!” to little Jose, and I heard back with a giant smile “ayoooou!” Oh.My.Goodness. So much love for this little kid. Also he stole a phone to kick back the paparazzi moment back onto me. Sooo sorry for the terrible photos of me on your phone! But enough reading because I know Marcy is just so excited to see these!

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