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{megan&james} married! – 7.17.15 – kalamazoo wedding photographer

Good morning everyone! I hope if you’re in the heatwave that you’re staying cool, and if you’re not that I’m extremely jealous! Boo to the heat – bring me that late fall/winter back!

So today I present to you my cousin’s wedding! I always love shooting for family. I have a real passion for this and I love knowing I can give my family that they can treasure for the rest of their lives :D You may remember their faces from their engagement session from last fall that we shot near the lake :D They were married at Comstock CRC in Kalamazoo and had their beautiful relaxed reception at her Grandparents Property just down the road. It was a hot and VERY humid day and everyone worked so well to keep spirits high even through the heat! Also, as avid homebrewers, they had brewed and bottled their own homebrewed beer and honey mead. The night ended with paper lanterns and watching the thunderstorm roll by a few miles away. I made a GIF image of it so be sure to look all the way down to the bottom of the post! :D

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