{freya.1.month} – 7.16.15 – grand rapids children photographer

Good Morning everyone! Paul and I had a fabulous trip back to G.R. this weekend, and had a not so fabulous trip back from G.R. – so many traffic jams! We sat for 2 hours in our car waiting to get over a bridge… ahhh! BUT! We’re home now and I have a whole weeks worth of sneak posts again for y’all that I’m excited to get posting!


The theme of this weekend? Family! And family shoots! Sandwiched between meetings, Dr. appointments and other shoots I definitely found some time for my newest little niece, little Freya. We didn’t get the right amount of time I was out last June to fully capture all those little baby details properly, so I squeezed in a few more photos this time and I’m so glad I did! And as always her siblings are such little hams… there is one or two of Dex and Lucy in there too. Ahaha.

FFLblog-1001 FFLblog-1002 FFLblog-1003 FFLblog-1004 FFLblog-1005 FFLblog-1006 FFLblog-1007 FFLblog-1008 FFLblog-1009 FFLblog-1010 FFLblog-1011 FFLblog-1012 FFLblog-1013 FFLblog-1014 FFLblog-1015 FFLblog-1016 FFLblog-1017 FFLblog-1018


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