{ruby&freya} A one week and a one year old! – 6.21.15 – grand rapids children photographer

Friday friday friday! Today I get to share a more personal post, as these little kiddos are family :)


So I’ll start with Ruby! How old she’s gotten already but still so very young. Ruby turned one last March and I’ve finally gotten around to her one year pictures. Ruby is pretty amazing… she was already walking about half a year ago, mostly due to her always active two older sisters and wanting to keep up with them. She’s super sweet and no longer the youngest in the extended family! That honor now goes to little baby Freya. Born actually two weeks ago today! But at the time of these photos she was only one week and two days old. Freya was born at 4:03 in the morning and was one of the most perfect little babies I’ve ever seen. Her older brother and sister fell instantly in love with her (along with everyone else!) And I can’t wait to have a little more time shooting her next time we’re in town :D

7P9A7590 7P9A7592 7P9A7606 7P9A7616 7P9A7618 7P9A7620 7P9A7624 7P9A7636 7P9A7661 7P9A7662 7P9A7682 7P9A7709 7P9A7977 7P9A79997P9A7724 7P9A7740 7P9A7753 7P9A7757 7P9A7793 7P9A7798 7P9A7805 7P9A7812 7P9A7829 7P9A7846 7P9A7858 7P9A7860 7P9A7867 7P9A7875 7P9A7930

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