{alicia&harrison} engaged! – 6.19.15 – grand rapids engagement photographer

Is it really Wednesday already? This must mean I’m already to Alicia and Harrison’s engagement blog post! Tomorrow you get to see a gorgeous wedding, and Friday my adorable nephew and nieces. <3


So! I’m so terrible at telling stories, and anything I write about these two right now definitely wont do them any justice. Alicia and Harrison are people after Paul and I’s own hearts… nerdy, easy going, and photographers! Well, Harrison is more a web designer (and designed a beautiful website for their wedding btw) and Alicia is the creative photographer behind Alicia Heximer Photography. We started their session at the always amazing Founders Brewery for a beer and a sandwich, well, and photos of course. Later in the afternoon we re-grouped for a few romantic portraits by the river at riverside park. Even though we were supposed to shoot last April, I’m so glad they waited for this gorgeous evening with the amazing sunset and gorgeous green park to highlight their love. Enough from me though – photos!

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