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{sophia} senior 2016 – 6.16.15 – grand rapids senior photography

Back again! Pretty much I’ll have one post per day this week…. I’m so excited to post all of my sneaks and I would LOVE to post them all in one day, but I’m forcing a small bit of pacing to myself because I want every session to speak for itself for at least a day!


So these past two weeks were crazy about rain and cloudy weather. I think we rescheduled about 3 times within a matter of days because of those darn clouds, but I am SO glad we waited. The morning of the 16th was gorgeous and so was my senior I was shooting, Sophia! Sophia actually was in the bridal party of one of my former lovely couple’s last year and the light and time of day reminded me so much from that wedding. Sophia was fun, relaxed, and as always super inspiring! We walked around Eastown and ended our session at Wilcox park – another favorite location of mine. Picture time!

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