{louie} 1 year – 6.6.15 – grand rapids children photographer

I’m back! Looks like we hit the road back to NYC at the right time too… because I hear it’s storming pretty hard over there. Stay safe everyone in Michigan! For the next few day’s I’ll be bringing you my sneak blog posts that I’ve been shooting these past two weeks and finally not back of the camera shots!


So! We’ll begin with the first shoot I had, and one of the original reasons I took a fun long vacation at home. Little Louie! Remember this little cutie from last october? He’s so much bigger now! Still as adorable as can be. Thankfully we caught one of the best weekends of the year so far for a little outdoor park shooting this time (last time it was a touch drizzly, never much fun to shoot in for little babes!) And we ended with one of my most favorite pup photos ever, haha. Please, enjoy!

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