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{malinda&chad} vows renewed! – 1.31.15 – zeeland wedding photographer

Hello again everyone!


MUCH has happened in the past few weeks since my last post… mainly – Paul and I are moving to NYC! No worries to MI brides though, we will be back many times for weddings and events so please don’t be afraid to ask if we’re available :D


Next in the news! This gorgeous couple’s wedding vows were today and we had the honor of photographing it. It’s always lovely to meet new couples and Malinda and Chad were no different. Their renewed vows were so special and so very heartfelt in the intimate setting of the church and with the friends and family that had attended. Also, we had maybe about 45 minutes scheduled for shots around Zeeland and I wanted more like 3 hours. Around every corner I kept finding new and interesting perspectives, and they were just so giggly and cute that I never wanted to stop!  Here they are a year(ish) later ready to start their new lives again! (For more information to those that don’t know – they had been apart because Malinda was in the Army, and wanted a refresh on everything because they could finally be together again. I think that’s so sweet!) Picture time!

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