{the.keen.family} 12.22.14 – grand rapids family photographer

Hello all! It certainly has been a while! I suppose not TOO long though… but it’s seemed like forever since my last shoot already! Today we had a fun shoot with good old friends of ours, the Keen family! We kept pretty much to the CFAC at Calvin’s campus and tried to shoot at least a little bit ouside in the cold although it was a wintry mix of both snow and rain AND it was freezing cold. I was HOPING the sun would have stayed out from this morning but I never get my sun wishes it seems like. The hour was full of fabulous photos, good times, and lots of laughter – including some while I was doing this sneak preview editing. You know it’s going to be good if I’m still laughing after the fact. Enjoy!


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One response

  1. Jane Konings (Aunt Jane)

    Beautiful photo’s.. And nice casual photo’s of the family, also…Great idea, to do this..!!

    December.28.2014 at 10:41 pm

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