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{alice.ann.pt4} 7 mos – 11.1.14 – grand rapids children photographer

Happy November everyone! With the snow yesterday I had no idea how today would end up… surprisingly beautiful! Just like this little girl and her family (and their new house – holy cow!)


Here’s part four of the Alice Ann installments! What a happy little baby girl… big smile for me when I walked right in the door – Just what I love to see walking into a little baby shoot! She’s only been around 7 months now, but it seems like she’s been around for forever now. You may recognize some of the usual things we like to shoot in front of (to show growth of course!) but in a new location. I am so green with envy at Derek and Laura’s new home and cannot WAIT to shoot there more. Especially in that widow’s walk (copula) . Enough of that though, time for some quick photos :D

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