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{alex&aaron} married! – 10.18.14 – kalamazoo wedding photographer

Alright now followers of my blog! I’m going to quick blog this gorgeous wedding from today before I collapse into a heap :D. Shooting two weddings in a row is a lot – Shooting two weddings in a row with a COLD is a whole different story! It’s been a long weekend if you couldn’t tell :P (but not a bad one!)

It’s crazy to think it’s been exactly a year since I shot these two’s engagement photos all the way out in K-zoo! It seems the weather prepped us perfectly as… the skies stayed overcast. Haha. But it was beautiful anyway! The trees all exploded with color this week so we were able to use fall to it’s FULLEST potential. Alex and Aaron balance each other out with their energy levels so well, it’s crazy fun to work with them and their posing style. Pretty much I had to scrap whatever I thought was going to look good because they always just did something that looked WAY better than I could have imagined. So, before I fall asleep here at my computer (to which I have done before… awkward :P) I’m going to load these puppies up for you to see for yourself!

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