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{emily&matt} married! – 10.17.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Oh boy, I will definitely let these images speak for themselves tonight! One of two weddings for this weekend and I’m already pumped up for tomorrow because today was so amazing!


You may remember Matt and Emily’s engagement session from labor day.  That day it was supposed to downpour but didn’t…. ah, how I wish we could have traded the weather from then to today! But we trucked through some super fun portraits anyway… so take that late October clouds! I could tell from their session too that their wedding day was going to be crazy awesome by how fun and creative they both were… And I kept saying today (okay, and then and ever since then) how darn I was excited to be shooting a wedding at the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids! What a beautiful place to promise your love to each other. Emily and Matt – thank you! Definitely one I’ll remember forever :D

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