{megan&james} engaged! – 10.12.14 – west michigan engagement photographer

Hello again! Funny seeing you all again so soon :P Well, I suppose it IS October and the leaves are beginning to change… which means it’s photo time for everyone! (why, I have two sessions and two weddings this coming week alone!) Anyway!


Those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning will probably remember my cousin James’ senior session. To spare us all the embarrassment, I wont be linking back to that one – BUT I’ll give you a recap, it was super fun. Tonight was not different when we added his beautiful fiancee Megan into the picture (hah, no pun intended :P). We ended up shooting at Hoffmaster State Park (first by the visitor center, then by Lake Michigan of course) and got a superb set of images. Time went by so quickly that I hardly realized that the sun was almost gone by the time we finished! Let’s just say, 2015 weddings are already looking preeeeetttty amazing so far!

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