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{megan&james} engaged! – 10.12.14 – west michigan engagement photographer

Hello again! Funny seeing you all again so soon :P Well, I suppose it IS October and the leaves are beginning to change… which means it’s photo time for everyone! (why, I have two sessions and two weddings this coming week alone!) Anyway!


Those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning will probably remember my cousin James’ senior session. To spare us all the embarrassment, I wont be linking back to that one – BUT I’ll give you a recap, it was super fun. Tonight was not different when we added his beautiful fiancee Megan into the picture (hah, no pun intended :P). We ended up shooting at Hoffmaster State Park (first by the visitor center, then by Lake Michigan of course) and got a superb set of images. Time went by so quickly that I hardly realized that the sun was almost gone by the time we finished! Let’s just say, 2015 weddings are already looking preeeeetttty amazing so far!

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{jess&mike} married! – 10.11.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Oh boy oh boy, what a day! It was so beautiful outside, yet we had so much fun stuff inside we never even really needed the chance to use anything outdoors! You may remember Jess and Mike from their G.R. engagement session. This super adorable couple did not disappoint at all with how amazing their wedding was. I loved every detail from the bright red sparkly shoes, all the way to the batman pin that adorned Mike. I’ve never shot a wedding in the Grand Rapids Public Museum before, and was so pleasantly surprised at how much we were able to shoot in one space. We started the day off a touch late, but everything worked out so beautifully in the end :D congrats again you two – I can’t wait to get to editing your photos!!

JMphotobooth-5001 JMphotobooth-5002 JMphotobooth-5003 JMphotobooth-5004 JMphotobooth-5005 JMphotobooth-5006 JMphotobooth-5007 JMphotobooth-5008 JMphotobooth-5009 JMphotobooth-5010 JMphotobooth-5011 JMphotobooth-5012 JMphotobooth-5013 JMphotobooth-5014 JMphotobooth-5015 JMphotobooth-5016 JMphotobooth-5017 JMphotobooth-5018 JMphotobooth-5019 JMphotobooth-5020 JMphotobooth-5021 JMphotobooth-5022


JMphotobooth-5023 JMphotobooth-5024 JMphotobooth-5025 JMphotobooth-5026 JMphotobooth-5027 JMphotobooth-5028 JMphotobooth-5029 JMphotobooth-5030 JMphotobooth-5031 JMphotobooth-5032 JMphotobooth-5033 JMphotobooth-5034 JMphotobooth-5035 JMphotobooth-5036 JMphotobooth-5037 JMphotobooth-5038 JMphotobooth-5039 JMphotobooth-5040 JMphotobooth-5041 JMphotobooth-5042 JMphotobooth-5043 JMphotobooth-5044 JMphotobooth-5045 JMphotobooth-5046 JMphotobooth-5047 JMphotobooth-5048 JMphotobooth-5049 JMphotobooth-5050 JMphotobooth-5051 JMphotobooth-5052 JMphotobooth-5053 JMphotobooth-5054 JMphotobooth-5055 JMphotobooth-5056 JMphotobooth-5057 JMphotobooth-5058 JMphotobooth-5059 JMphotobooth-5060 JMphotobooth-5061


Looking for your photo booth photos? Why, click here of course! They’ll be available on 10.12.2014 :D