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{katie&kirk} engaged! – 9.14.14 – grand rapids engagement photographer

I always LOVE hearing the news about former high school or college friends getting engaged…. I always sit next to the phone hoping they’ll book me within moments (or… haha, days more realistically) that they’ll book me to shoot their wedding. :D So I was so overjoyed when Katie finally gave me that call! I’ve known her since Calvin (Wow… did we meet in the art department first? Or more than likely Knollcrest? It’s been so long!) And it’s been so much fun getting to know her better even now that she’s finishing up some more schooling back in town. It was also fun getting to know Kirk a little better, although I have met him a few times before… I think I even lent him a DS at one point for a video shoot way back when. Thank you you two for bearing with me this evening through my un-fun wisdom tooth condition, and for taking all my really dumb Jenn jokes. May can’t come soon enough!

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{jamie&rob} married! – 9.13.14 – battle creek wedding photographer

Brrr! It’s been cold hasn’t it? At least the rain stayed away at this beautiful outdoor wedding today! In fact, the semi cloud covered skies made for the perfect light diffuser for me, while still giving the impression of a beautiful sunny day :D I’m so sad I never got the chance to shoot this couple’s engagement photos (looks like they had a rocking photographer for that already in Minnesota!) but I’m so happy I got the chance to rock out their wedding photography. Jamie was so amazingly laid back, and Rob was so much fun to work with. You can definitely tell these two are just so perfect for each other :) (I also got to see some former emily-waid photography brides in the guest list as well! It’s always so much fun catching up) Enjoy!

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