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{hannah&travis} married! – 8.16.14 – kalamazoo wedding photographer

Halfway over with August and still have plenty of weddings to shoot for the year :D Hannah and Travis were so much fun to work with at their beautiful wedding today. I think my favorite part was when we got to portraits of just the two of them and Travis spoke out so sweetly “I married my best friend!!” and they shared the sweetest moment together. Today was filled with cowboy boots, birds, teal, bow ties, and laughter… and it was amazing. (also, enjoy the small levitation gif!) htbloglogo-1001 htbloglogo-1002 htbloglogo-1003 htbloglogo-1004 htbloglogo-1005 htbloglogo-1006 htbloglogo-1007 htbloglogo-1008 htbloglogo-1009 htbloglogo-1010 htbloglogo-1011 htbloglogo-1012 htbloglogo-1013 htbloglogo-1014 htbloglogo-1015 htbloglogo-1016 htbloglogo-1017 htbloglogo-1018 htbloglogo-1019 htbloglogo-1020 htbloglogo-1021 htbloglogo-1022 htbloglogo-1023 htbloglogo-1024 htbloglogo-1025 htbloglogo-1026 htbloglogo-1027 htbloglogo-1028 htbloglogo-1029 htbloglogo-1030 htbloglogo-1031

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{andrea&kyler} married! – 8.8.14 – ann arbor wedding photographer

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at a wedding… so much fun that I had to post my sneak today because I almost immediately fell asleep as soon as I got home! Kyler and Andrea have been Paul and I’s friends for a very long time (Paul and Kyle go back all the way to City High :D) and I was over the moon when they asked me to shoot their wedding. We had a great time all the way back in November for their engagement shoot, and I KNEW that the big day was going to be even better. It’s not every day you get a wedding with an amazing location, a live band, a best man ROCKING out his speech and late night pizza to keep those guests dancing!

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One last thing! You’ll notice that they had us host a  photobooth! Free downloads are available here!