{kate&brad} married! – 7.26.14 – washington wedding photographer

Two of three! This one’s a long one, so sit back and enjoy…


Thankfully the weather cleared up for the weekend with bright sunny skies and perfect temperatures. The rehearsal proved to show that this wedding was going to be amazing and the rehearsal dinner was delicious. We then started their day off (and well, we only stayed in the one place!) at the family dairy farm. As you all know I’m pretty obsessed with farm weddings and I go pretty nuts with garden/livestock/barn cat pictures… so uh… I apologize in advance for lots of those (they’re pretty… so there!) Kate wore a beautiful simple lace dress that fit her theme of lavender and farm to a t. And hand painted signs and rustic picnic tables worked great for their open air reception behind the house with the most incredible farm to table dinner. Enough of me jabbering on though… Enjoy! (It’s not every wedding I get to photograph a bride next to cows!)

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