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{sheena&ryan} married! – 7.12.14 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Rain rain go away come again another day! Seems like we’ve been fighting rain the past few weddings and it’s putting all our shooting fun out to dry (well… making everything wet more like it!) Thankfully the drops stopped just enough for us to get some fantabulous shots of Sheena and Ryan before their ceremony, and thankfully we could still even have their wedding outdoors instead of the carriage house at Aquinas. Paul rocked out some great shots on the trolley today too (major jealousy over here… He’s so amazing!) while I hunkered down some important reception details! Sheena and Ryan, your day was amazing and I can’t wait to finish editing your beautiful photos! ((p.s. you can look at their sweet engagement photos from last October at this blog post here!))


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