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{courtney&andy} engaged! – 6.6.14 – grand haven engagement photographer

It’s been a very VERY long day for me! And not in the bad way of ‘long’ but in the, lots of fun and good things long! One of the most fun and important events of the day was shooting Courtney and Andy’s engagement session. It’s always so much fun to shoot a couple that mentions one of your most favorite television shows within the first fifteen minutes of shooting (breaking bad, of course!) and it’s always awesome too because they needed little explaining on what I kept on asking them to do – I believe I would use the term ‘posing rockstars’ a million times over for them. :D Anyway, we started at Hoffmaster State Park and then moved downtown Grand Haven with a beautiful ending at the pier with the most gorgeous sunset any couple could EVER ask for.  You’ll see these two later this month too for their upcoming wedding in just a few weeks!

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