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{ruby.grace} newborn! – 4.18.14 – grand rapids newborn photographer

Hooray spring! This spring brought lots of babies too (at least in my social circle :D) making it even more awesome. This little peanut is actually my fourth niece, making her extra special. She’s so beautiful, congrats to Louise and Timothy!

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Also, this youngest sister had to get a few photos with her two older sisters (of whom I also took their newborn photos – look below!)




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{lydia&jabez} engaged! – 4.12.14 – chicago engagement photographer

What a beautiful weekend to be out in Chicago!  I missed all the G.R. rain and soaked in all the beautiful cityscapes Chicago has. I’ve known Lydia for quite some time now but this was my first time meeting (okay, second technically, the first time the moment was so fleeting I’m counting this one instead!) Jabez. They are such a fun and giggly couple, it was hard to get them to have a straight face for more than a moment. I also love love loved the choices they had for locations to shoot. I don’t get to shoot in Chicago all that often but it’s so great how different it is every time. We bid farewell and drove home pretty late last night, so I bring you their photos now! Enjoy! (also, I’m so excited to build them a sweet gif image in the coming week – so stay tuned for that!)

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