{lisa&jack} engaged! – 3.15.14 – grand rapids engagement photographer

Ah, why can’t the weather seem to behave eh? It was so warm and lovely yesterday when of COURSE I had no shoots, but today it was sooo cold and semi cloudy. Didn’t affect how amazing these images turned out though, like… seriously.


It’s always great to hear from couple’s who have either been in or attended previous weddings I’ve shot! Lisa was actually in the wedding party of Alyssa and Nathaniel last June :D (another one of those cloudy/sunny days… I tell ya, the weather likes doing that to me – haha!) We started with Lisa and Jack downtown at one of my favorite haunts which happens to be the GRAM, around the other side than I usually shoot. It’s always great to vary it up a little and I found about a bazillion new places that all equal my favorite. Plus I adore the great addition of color that Lisa brought with here bright yellow coat! Brightened up the city just the perfect amount. We then drove down to Prairie Wolf Park (and it got MUCH colder sadly) and they trooped through that like pros. It was great to see the park covered in snow, but not fun to tromp through it finding all the thin and then thick sheets of snow. Enough of me talking though – Enjoy some lovely photos of some beautiful people!

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