{laura&derek} maternity shoot! – 3.8.14 – grand rapids children photographer

Wait wait wait, it’s march? Since I’ve last posted so many things have been happening! It’s hard to keep track of time when I’m not in full blown wedding season (which starts in Tennessee in April this year!) because I can tell when a week is up when the next wedding appears. It’s been a cold winter this year too – so we’ve all been cooped up inside for who know’s how long now. It was time to get shooting again!


I’ll start this post off with a few photos I took this previous fall. Good friends of ours (a former wedding couple from 2010!) mentioned they may need photos again soon… I was so excited to hear they were expecting! I didn’t post any of these because I had to wait a little for them to announce officially, but I figure I’ll show a few announcement photos to set the mood! Plus, when we shot these it was warm, and I think we all need a little warmth right now :D

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So! Fast forward to photos of today. It was cold. VERY cold. Did I mention that winter isn’t over yet? Because, seriously guys, it’s not over yet. They have the cutest nursery for this little one – a room I mean, I could even live in (is it weird to say that? because I don’t care, this room was adorable) We got a few (okay, a billion) detail shots, which are always my favorite and moved on to a more (colder!) location for a few outside shots. And and and! The sun was even out. It was a good day :D

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