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{erin&matt} married! – 12.20.13 – grand rapids wedding photographer

Happy holidays everyone!


I have just a few weddings left this year (whoa, how did it become December already?), and I was so hoping and praying for good weather obviously for both of them.  A little snow here and there the day of, a beautiful perfect sun set, and the temperature being slightly warm. Well… today had… none of those things. The snow came in the form of icy sleety rain, the perfect sunset was… clouds, and well, the warmth actually wasn’t there in the actual temperature but was more with Matt and Erin. They trooped through all the ice and rain and snow and slippery streets (carefully and slowly!) to get some fabulous photos with us in the middle of downtown Rockford by the dam. Erin of course had this fabulous short fabric rose covered dress that is the envy of all dresses and Matt was classy in his awesome grey suit. We all headed down after some pictures to the courthouse for a short – yet very sweet! – ceremony. After the nuptials we then all headed back to Rockford for a fantastic bout of family photos and a delicious meal. But enough with words, time for those lovely photos!

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