{lyndsey&jason} engaged! -12.13.13 – holland engagement photographer

Hello to everyone again!


Well Michigan is certainly now under blankets of snow and the temps are still dropping, but it didn’t stop this adorable couple from braving the cold to get some beautiful engagement photos! We all started out downtown Holland for some more city/building scapes for our background, and then we moved to quiet serene Van Raalte Farm for some snowy romantic and fun shots in nature. These two were all smiles even when we thought it couldn’t get any colder, and it seems I love lots of their kissy photos as you’ll see throughout the post (of course, I always have a soft spot for kissy pictures!) So grab a mug of hot chocolate or coffee and enjoy a little warmth from their love. <3

Oh, and  a small explanation of the sign for those wondering, they are honoring his family back in Korea with a bow and a sign that says, ‘I love you.’

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