{olive&ben} engaged! – 11.3.13 – a tennessee engagement

Where. Do. I. Begin.


Paul and I have been travelling it seems all over recently. Our last adventure involved this engagement session in Nashville, TN. A a side trip down to Baton Rouge, LA. A few days chilling in grand old New Orleans, LA. And finally a fabulous evening stay in Memphis, TN. Enough about the rest of the trip (a feature post will come in a few days!) and more about Olive and Ben – the most in love couple in Nashville.

(Oh, and also… as I write this it’s snowing. Weird to think how I was in a place that was averaging mid 70’s and sunny skies just DAYS ago!)

We started in Centennial Park that had of course this amazing reproduction building of the Parthenon and beautiful trees that had just begun to turn their colors. Ben and Olive were willing to try anything I wanted to throw at them, which always makes for some of the best most relaxed photos ever. After, we spent some time getting to know these two and downtown Nashville. Saw some sights. Took some pictures. And learned so very very much about the local music industry! Oh, and I apparently now have a new nickname – J cubz I believe (Ben, you’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong!) And we ended the night with some pretty fantastic food. Cannot wait for your wedding in April you two!

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