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{family.time} portraits! – 10.20.13

The sun! The sun is out!


Had a family shoot today all the way out in Fallasburg Park in Lowell today! You may remember these fun adorable children from former sessions of mine (see – baby Grant or Brielle’s newborn shoots!) Not doing tooo many children shoots I almost had forgotten how to ring youngun’s in for shots! But we were able to get some great ones before all the burn out started to happen. Oh! And I fell in a hole. All is well though! It was only a little bitty muddy one :) I’m just glad one of the kid’s didn’t!

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{alex&aaron} engaged! – 10.18.13

It’s that time again! Time to post some more pictures! Yay yay yay!


It’s always great to get to know new people at this job… but what’s even greater is getting to know people we know even more. Paul has been working with Alex since day one at his job at Perrigo and it was so great to finally get to meet her and her Fiance Aaron a few months ago when they decided to book us as their wedding photographers. Since the moment we met I KNEW that we’d get a long extremely well – and tonight was no different! It was fun walking and talking (and a few jokes of course…) around some of our favorite Kalamazoo haunts this evening. We even got a few puppy infused photos (Charlie was quite the dapper young fellow with his bow tie. Also quite excited about everything! But I mean, what dog isn’t!?) It was also fun to definitely shoot these two knowing I could get away with some newer and more experimental photo ideas as well! Always the best of times. But enough of me talking – on to the pitchas!

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