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{kalysta&michael} engaged! – 9.21.13

And post 2/2 of the night!


Did I mention how many fun beautiful people I get to photograph all the time? Because seriously… These two were amazing. We shot both her sister’s senior session tonight right along with their engagement session and everyone was just working so well together. Starting in the city I could tell these two REALLY needed to be out in the country more. With a barn. As it was tooootally more them. But the shots we got downtown are definitely among some of my most favorite of their entire session :D. Michael was keeping things lighthearted with his joking around, and Kalysta was trying to keep him in check… haha. Their joy was infectious and I seriously cannot wait for the wedding in November. Please enjoy their sneak!


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{madison} Senior 2014 – 9.21.13

Welcome to the last day of official summer! It’s been such a fun and crazy weekend full of such wonderful people. Madison (and her sister, and her soon to be brother in law, and her mother) was so much fun. We started off both sessions downtown G.R… Well… actually a little bit away from downtown because Art Prize is a crazy thing FULL of people :) and moved our way out to one of my most favorite shooting places. Madison was a super great sport (especially downtown, which isn’t her biggest love :D) and I got some really fun and beautiful portraits of her. Please feel free to enjoy!


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{hope&chad} married! – 9.20.13

It’s nearing the end of busy wedding season, and boy did it end with an AH-mazing wedding. Today had everything – broken down cars, threatening clouds of rain, grasshoppers (and tree frogs and other various critters), amazing people (I’m looking at you wedding party and families of Chad and Hope!), limos, small (talkative!) children, and most importantly an enduring love that will certainly last forever. Hope started off her day in Muskegon, MI at her hotel with her super fun sisters, friend, and hair stylist. She then finished getting ready at Chad’s parent’s private residence, that also happened to be their beautiful ceremony space! We ended our day at The Lake House back in Muskegon. You know a wedding’s good when you feel like a part of the family when you leave, oh and when you feel like dancing to that classic Backstreet Boy’s song – with a little N’sync at it’s side. Thank-you everyone for the fabulous day, and congrats to both Chad and Hope!


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