{abby&trevor} married! – 8.30.13

Woo! What.A.Day. Everything went off without a hitch for Abigail and Trevor today! We started off with Abby’s hair appointment at Cindy’s Hair Care in Jenison, and moved to the parents place later for the rest of makeup and getting ready. There was a beautiful sunny first look at my childhood home full of beautiful trees and an old house to boot. We all then witnessed first hand the joining of these two in marriage at Abby’s church. Thankfully the rain was held at bay until later in the afternoon! After a teeeeensy bit of rain we quickly ran down to the GRAM downtown to snag a few more classy photos :) Finishing the night at the Top of the Bob was absolutely wonderful. The day went by sooo quickly I hardly had time to even know I was working :D So please, enjoy the sneak!

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