{little.baby.jose} 6 months! – 5.28.13

Shot this little mister’s 6 month portraits tonight! So many babies this year, I can barely keep up with all this cute! (look forward to another little babe this Sunday as well :D) As a photographer it’s totally a treat to see these little babes grow up… I can barely wait until his 1 year portraits already! You may also remember this little sweetheart from his very first photo session ever – seen here!j6mbloglogo-1001 j6mbloglogo-1002 j6mbloglogo-1003 j6mbloglogo-1004 j6mbloglogo-1005 j6mbloglogo-1006 j6mbloglogo-1007 j6mbloglogo-1008 j6mbloglogo-1009 j6mbloglogo-1010 j6mbloglogo-1011 j6mbloglogo-1012 j6mbloglogo-1013 j6mbloglogo-1014

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