{a.little.practice} 2.17.13

Went on a fun ‘learning’ shoot today! This couple is not technically engaged (so any family members of them seeing this post – no heart attacks please!) but for the sake of the shoot, we pretended :) Probably the most beautiful day of the month to shoot… Also, there was some adorable horses – oo oo oo and a pretty red barn! So enjoy a small bit of fun pictures for the sake of being a fun learning experience. Time to warm my feet – it was certainly cold!

abllearnshoot-1001 abllearnshoot-1002 abllearnshoot-1003 abllearnshoot-1004 abllearnshoot-1005 abllearnshoot-1006 abllearnshoot-1007 abllearnshoot-1008 abllearnshoot-1009 abllearnshoot-1010 abllearnshoot-1011 abllearnshoot-1012 abllearnshoot-1013 abllearnshoot-1014 abllearnshoot-1015 abllearnshoot-1016 abllearnshoot-1017 abllearnshoot-1018 abllearnshoot-1019 abllearnshoot-1020 abllearnshoot-1021

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