{emily&brad} an engagement to remember! – 8.31.12

Hello all again! So today I’m blogging about something I’ve never shot before this. I shot stills of a lip dub video which was the public part of Brad and Emily’s engagement and Paul captured the actual proposal (from afar!) just moments later. Brad had been discussing this me for a little while now and It was crazy trying to find a date that would work for him, his/her family and friends, and me! Finally he found a good time and literally the day we flew back from our vacation in NYC Paul and I were driving down to Tunnel Park in Holland to join in on the practice and figure out how we were going to shoot this thing and not be in the way of the videographers filming the entire event! Practice went fabulous and everyone was ready for the event just the next day. Anticipation was HIGH. Practice was another hour resulting in a few more run through’s that were definitely needed. Finally the 5 minute text was received and everyone cued up in to their starting spots and it was ON! Also, what was so awesome and perfect was she had NO idea that this was happening. It. Was. Amazing. So let me stop typing now and let you see some amazing frames!

So after the video was done a friend escorted Emily off to a private beach that had a small trail of love notes left by Brad as it had been expressed that the actual proposal had to be sweet and a little more private. He wanted at least some shots though and Paul was ready to be a hidden paparazzi for the event, along with a videographer or two :)

After her notes she was greeted with a video set up (I mean, Brad is a videographer himself so it definitely was only natural he set up something that sweet) of family and friends expressing their love and sentiments to Emily. P.s. When you see the video later, I can assure you you’ll start bawling like I was this morning when I saw the full result ;) Brad also of course, was hiding a distance away – ready to act!

After she said yes (yay!!!!) Brad arranged for a small private moment with just their immediate families to get to know each other and to congratulate the newly engaged couple. Later he invited other close family and friends along to the small party. The perfect sun set along with the most perfect small details for a intimate engagement party. Fireworks on the beach, a beautiful candle chandelier, and candle mason jar luminaries, and oh, I could just go on forever!

As soon as most of the festivities were over there was one last event – to actually watch the video! A few of the guys who had shot the dub video earlier in the event edited a quick copy of the video for everyone’s enjoyment. As we were finishing up shooting, I think they had already started a second viewing.  It was amazing to hear the laughs and enjoyment as we were walking back to the car. :)

So there you have it! The video was shot by the ever amazing Bradley Productions, and a direct link to their youtube video can be found here –

Brad and Emily get Engaged! (A LipDub Proposal)

Also! I totally encourage you to check them out if you’re considering getting your wedding filmed! They are amazing people who make incredible videos that you’ll seriously cherish forever :D


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