{products.i.love} 8.17.12

Well, I think it’s time for a post that isn’t really of clientele this time, but instead for doing a little show and tell! It isn’t very long and it’s not a full list of my products (I’m thinking a full product shoot and post will be in order for November, as a few of my things have now changed since last year!) But I was all giddy and excited yesterday about a few things I just updated that I did a little shooting in the beautiful sunset that happened right after the clouds cleared out from the rain. So I grabbed a quick few things and shot my little heart out!

So, I have shown these before – but this is one of my most favorite things to design. This DVD holder I generally use for any portrait packages I send out (engagement sessions, senior packages, family portraits, and ect!) I order these in a pearle linen paper and they are always custom designed to your shoot. :) As I grabbed a few things really quickly, I forgot to grab and envelope and DVD to photograph in the example, but this at least shows the design!

So moving on to your wedding DVD set!

My packaging used to be very simple for these, which wasn’t terrible – I just thought it needed a little more oomph! I now send wedding DVD’s out in a beautiful natural brown box with bow! Your lightscribed wedding  DVD’s still rest within a custom designed 4 page album with actual photo prints coated in a UV dura coating. The first thing you see when you open your box is your permission to print cards and other assorted cards and any other finishing documents you need (receipts, contracts, ect!) And I make sure your album doesn’t move too much within your packaging with a recycled material (either newspaper or brown craft paper. Craft paper shown in example) I want two things to happen. One, I want you to have a small memorable experience opening your photos. And two, I want to make sure you have something physical for you to cherish with your digital package. All DVD’s, including portrait sessions, are guarenteed one free replacement as well in case of accidental breaking (only your disc will be replaced, for full price list on another set please email me!)

So yes! Look forward to seeing more products in November! Have a fabulous afternoon :)


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