{marcy&jose} married! – 1.21.12

Hello to everyone! I’ve decided to dust off some of my ‘to do’ list of blogs and bring you some more of my winter/off season shoots! You’ll be bombarded with a ton of sneak peaks for the rest of this month too… so many MANY pictures to come!

Anyway! On to the important stuff :D

You may remember Marcy and Jose from their beautiful Holland engagement session I wrote about not too long ago.  Marcy and Jose are one of those couples that are just so much fun to work with because you can really tell how much fun they have with life and they are just so willing to try so many new and fun ideas. :D We started off with Marcy at their home with all her girls and Jose with all his groomsmen at the Double Tree in Holland. It was such a fun and super relaxed morning listening to music, texting, and enjoying eachothers company. It was the middle of January and as I put this post together I was almost wishing for the snow to come back because of Monday’s temperature!

The guys also had a little extra time to walk around downtown Holland a little, and have a drink at the bar :D

So after some quick finishing up it was time to start the ceremony at Harderwyk CRC! I have shot a wedding here before (and will be by the end of this month!) and I just LOVE all the natural light that pours into this space. Their ceremony was quick, but it was so beautiful and full of love. :)

First kiss! Always the best :D

Since they opted to not do the ‘first look’ we took some fabulous formals after the ceremony in the church. After that we took the limo over to Bakers Loft for a few more formals, then some delicious traditional Mexican food!

Of course some fun in the pews!


Limo time! Some of my favorite shots are limo shots… everyone is always so much more relaxed and having so much fun!

This reception was full of so many wonderful details – it was so hard to choose what to post! There were caricature artists, a live band, delicious food and so much more!

Colorful band details – this band was AMAZING. Loud and kept the party dancing all night long! Just like music should :)


Phew! That was another long one! Weddings are so much fun, and this one was definitely no different. Marcy and Jose – I’m wishing you all the best! I can’t wait to shoot you again this friday :D


Feel free to look at any image closer by clicking on it and feel free to comment!



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