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{emily&brandon} married! – 1.14.12

2012 post! 2012 post! 2012 post! My first post from my 2012 year… can you tell I’m excited? Also on the list I’m excited for, my first wedding of the season is coming up this weekend. Oh oh oh and an engagement session too! I’m excited to get back in to some wedding action. Also with this year is equipment upgrades, meeting fabulous new people, and honing my skills and improving my personal style! However, I digress – On to Emily and Brandon!

You may remember Emily and Brandon’s fiery and romantic engagement session from last October. Oh what a different setting they choose for their wedding! This entire winter I was hoping for snow and thankfully my two January weddings got a fresh blanket of snow, and in this case they got snow showers ALL DAY! It was incredible, and what was more incredible was the willingness of the bridal party themselves to shoot outdoors! Let’s just say we got some phenomenal shots :D We met up at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids and right away I set out to shoot her gorgeous dress!

A little mommy and adorable little ring bearer time before the ceremony!

And a fun generational photo of Emily, her mother, and her grandmother. So sweet!

So after some family formals, we all loaded on to the bus to get some beautiful outdoor wedding party photos! One of the locations was this beautiful driveway full of trees still blanketed in snow. It. Was. AMAZING.

I also LOVE a party that’s willing to goof off in the middle of the winter, in the middle of what was one of the biggest snow storms of the year, all before dinner! Of course, we all showed up late to dinner… but I’ll get to that later ;P

So we eventually all got back on to the bus… but for some odd reason we had immediately stopped. The ground, it seems, was still a little warm (if I haven’t complained enough about this warm winter :P) and all the snow layers were so slippery… Limo had gotten stuck. VERY stuck. It took several pushings, the best man changing his clothes to get under said bus, and a truck to pull it out! But don’t worry, good times were had. :D

But we were back on our way… soon… enough!

And what’s a wedding now without the infamous and hilarious shoe game?

Thank-you again you two! It was such a fun (and interesting!) day that I was so honored to shoot for you two. Enjoy!

{natalie&neil} engaged! – 12.27.11

Heyo all! It’s been a pretty crazy week over here… And it’s only going to get crazier! I have my first wedding of the ‘official’ season this Saturday and I’m excited. This year will bring me 20+ weddings, and I’m anticipating each one to be as fun as the last. But enough about 2012 right now – I have my last session of 2011 to blog!

I’ve known both Neil and Natalie for quite some time, well… Neil especially as he’s my cousin! When I first heard these two were dating I was thrilled, and when I heard they were engaged I was overjoyed! These two are so adorable together and so in love I can barely even stand it :P We shot entirely at the Calvin College Bunker Center and the Calvin College Nature Preserve. I was hoping for a beautiful fresh blanket of snow right before our shoot – but I was thankful for the slight kiss of snow we did get at least. This winter… was not very cold!

So there you have it! 2011 done! It was great getting to know you two as a couple, instead of knowing you just individually! I’m super excited for your wedding – for so many obvious reasons!

Also, I’m excited to blog my next post as it’s another wedding one… One that had a fresh blanket of snow and THEN some!


Also – my favorite flowers are blooming… Lily of the Valley! Here’s one pictures I got of my tiny (but FANTASTIC smelling!) bouquet. :D Yay for spring!