{andrea&nate} engaged! – 11.4.11

It’s such a windy day today! Also – I’m happy to bring you my only November session of 2011!

I know for the past few posts from October I was raving about the leaves on the trees, and fortunately they lasted JUST up to this weekend we did Andrea and Nate’s engagement photos! We were all concerned that they weren’t going to stay – and they literally fell all off the trees the day after… like they were waiting for us. Haha. But anyway we met up at Van Raalte Farm in Holland. I had never been here before, but now I hope that I get to shoot here again because it was sooo pretty and amazingly large! But anyway, I digress. Andrea and Nate were very ready to capture some great pictures, and oh boy – did they! We started up by the farm house, and we did some shooting by the barns too!

And I realize today while writing this post/looking at all the photos that I got them to run quite a bit! Sorry to make you two work so hard :P

Favorite. Ring picture. Ever. I love using elements around me – and little Mr. Ladybug was so cute and perfect! Combine him and Andrea’s beautiful ring? Love it!

Squeeeee I love him! Haha, now back to the main objection though – Fabulous photos of my wonderful, romantic, and very much in love couple!

So when we were done with the house side of the park, we moved on to the more field and nature side. If I remember right, the mentioned a whole bunch of awesome things that go on on all of this land. How have I never heard of this before this year? Anyway, the outfits they had chosen worked so well with the colors of the environment, and it was still hard to get them to pose seriously because they kept on smiling all the time! I mean, I don’t blame them… engagement sessions are always fun, especially when you have the person you’ll love for the rest of your life with you!

More running! :P

It was so much fun working with you two! And, Ahh! Your wedding is coming up pretty quick here! I’m super excited to work with you two on your special day too! See you in basically a month!




One response

  1. This is one of my favorite places to shoot! Just did an engagement session there today, actually! :)

    April.17.2012 at 7:25 pm

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