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{liz&andrew} engaged! – 10.29.11

Late night blog today! ALSO my LAST October 2011 blog post! I remember thinking it was going to take forever just to GET to October, and now I’m finally finished with it! Yay! I think I finally have my blogging style down now that I don’t have to wait on them this long again… but we’ll see how it goes this summer – June is going to be a BIG one for me this year! You know, 7 weddings and all :D


So who is my last October couple this year? Liz and Andrew of course! I love getting referrals from former clients, especially former first booking clients! Andrew is actually the brother/brother in law of a couple I shot so many years ago in 2010… (oh man, have I really been shooting that long?). His brother was tons of fun, so I expected no less from him! I was not disappointed. Liz and Andrew were loads of fun and it was not hard at all to get them to kiss in front of the camera :P. We started in Stanaback Park that they love to take plenty of walks in – I mean, that’s how they knew it was so beautiful!

Already with the goofing off… Ahhh I love it :D

I was also so incredibly happy that the sun peeked out after a little while. It always gives such a more romantic feel to the session :D (not that these two weren’t giving off any!)

Did I mention how stinking cute these two were with each other? It was super hard choosing their best photos!

So after the park, we ditched the downtown G.R. plans we had and moved straight to the middle of East Grand Rapids to get a little coffee to warm us up – but more importantly to get some super adorable pictures of them in one of their favorite places to be… with what they usually bring with them – nooks! <3

We also got some fabulous shots in the fountain across the street… shhh! Don’t tell anyone we were playing in the fountain! ;)

Haha… thanks Paul for reminding us of what we’re not allowed to do :P… Anyway after that – we moved on to the library down the street. Where coincidentally they had gotten engaged behind it!

Beautiful no? Yea… Amazing.

The sun made everything glow in beautiful yellows and pinks while it was setting… let’s just say – AHHHHHH awesome!


It was so much fun you two – And I really can’t wait for the wedding next month! Next month already? When was it allowed to be the middle-ish of April? Well, I’m sure that’s what you’re feeling too!


Anyway – Two or three more 2011 posts… then I get to finally show you what I’ve been up to this winter! Yep… Still have been shooting ( I mean, you’ve seen the sneak peeks, but you haven’t gotten the full experience yet!)

Until then! <3