{jennifer&larry} engaged! – 10.23.11

Hello all! It’s Monday again… I know I know… many of you are getting off from spring break (jealous!) and don’t want THAT reminder. But to cheer you all up this beautiful afternoon I’ll write another blog post! Yay! And these next three posts I have I’m glad I’m getting them done, because all of their weddings are next month already!


It feels so great to go back through all these photos again. Many photos make me giggle remembering what we shot – and these definitely are no different. Jennifer and Larry are that type of couple that are so awesome and willing to goof off for a great photo! (as you’ll see a little later!) I think one of the ‘poses’ we tried a lot of was the ‘power stance’ or basically look like superman. Haha. We started out in Holland at Lemonjello’s (or… rather the church across the street actually) with their classy outfits!

Sweet old mailbox that matches the feel of their outfits? I’m sold!

So after a few more shots downtown Holland we moved on to Centennial Park, Holland! And how great is this… they brought their ‘nerd’ glasses! I was so excited to make them wear their glasses. Oh and have them drink their Jones!

So after the park, of COURSE we had to go visit the lake… I mean, we were so close to it already! Again I’d say this last portion of their session you could really see their romantic side come through so beautifully.

And I’m SO happy the leaves stayed as long as they did this year… the blues with the yellows!? Ahhh I love it!


Haha, and I also love the goofy looks for the last three or for frames. It always makes that last few editing minutes the best!


It was so much fun – And I can’t believe I get to see you two again next month already! I never realized how much being a wedding and portrait photographer was going to make my time go by so fast :)




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