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{brandon} senior! – 10.22.11

Hello all on this bright and springy Saturday! It always feels good to get a blog done earlier in the day and it also feels good to blog something different than what I have been doing for the past 8 or so posts. I have a fun senior session to bring to you all today!


I met up with Brandon and his step-mother downtown G.R. one fine evening in October. Although Brandon was super tentative about getting his photo taken we eased in to it to make him comfortable and he delivered some fun and amazing pictures! It’s always fun to try working with just one person because it brings a whole new perspective to my work, as I usually work with two or more people (all my lovely engaged couples of course!). I also love bringing seniors to the Art Museum first because it’s got such a great background to work with!

Brandon – It was super fun! Thanks for bearing through my crazy talkativeness :P Good luck with graduation!