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{jessica&ryan} engaged! – 10.16.11

Picking away at my massive blog to do list this month! I’m almost done with October actually… what… four more to go? Woo!


While setting up their engagement session, Jessica wondered if it was okay if we shot up on her families land out in Howard City. Of course I was super excited to! I love MI so much, and this land emulated it so perfectly. It seemed to go on forever with beautiful trees, some clearings, and some other great ‘props’ to use. Jessica and Ryan were up for anything on this beautiful evening – so sit back, enjoy, feel free to say ‘aww’ and enjoy the love these two emulate so perfectly!

We started out on a part of the path that had this really awesome antique car (oooobviously no longer working, if I remember right there had been attempts to fix it when it was first discovered) I basically fell in love with it and really wanted to pretty much take it home. Haha… A woman can dream about owning her own prop car!

So after the fabulous car shots we headed down a very (scary!) hill to the small red dilapidated cabin of course which I also loved. Looking back at these I keep remembering how much I love shooting in the woods. So quiet, serene, and romantic :D

I do love me some greeat sunflair!

So after our first round of outfits, they changed their clothes and we took some great shots around the river!

And who doesn’t love a tree house with a SPIRAL. STAIRCASE. Yea, I know… amazing right!?

It was so much fun you two! I really can’t wait for the wedding – I know it will be even more beautiful and fiery than your engagement session even was! See you this summer!